Map #1 of Puerto Rico, Vieques and the Virgin Islands

The small island paradise of Vieques is part of Puerto Rico's Spanish Virgin Islands. It's located just 6 miles east of the main island.

Vieques is  a 30-minute flight from San Juan International Airport (SJU); a 20-minute flight from Isla Grande Airport (SIG); a 7-minute flight from Ceiba Airport (RVR) or a 45-minute ferry ride from Ceiba. See "How do we get to Vieques?" on the FAQs page.

Map # 2 of Vieques, Puerto Rico

The island is 21-miles long and only 4-miles wide at it's widest point.

There are two towns. The largest, Isabel Segunda, on the north side, is a 15-minute drive from Esperanza on the south side.

A rather remarkable 55% of the island is dedicated to the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge (green areas on the map below).

Vieques DOESN'T HAVE a "rush-hour"; traffic lights; fast-food chain restaurants; big-box stores or high-rise buildings.

Vieques DOES HAVE friendly locals, great beaches, colorful undisturbed coral reefs, first-rate restaurants, boutique hotels as well some high-end but low-profile hotels.

Maps # 3 & #4 Location of Passenger Pick Up

The Passenger Pick Up Point is at Rompeolas Mosquito Pier on the north side of the island. We use the first dock on west side of the pier. Park anywhere close to the ramp in the grass to walk down to the dock.