Wild Horses Vieques Puerto Rico

Many horses in Vieques are Paso Fino horses meaning that they have a fine or delicate step. Pasos are prized for their smooth, natural, four-beat, lateral ambling gait. The horses are especially popular for trail riding.

The Puerto Rican Paso Fino was developed over a 500-year colonial period. The island geography and the desire of the people for a hardy, sure-footed comfortable horse led to the independent development of the breed.

Many of the  "Wild Horses" of Vieques are really better described as "Free Range" horses. The ones roaming the streets of Esperanza and Isabel Segunda are only wild if they get into trouble. If they stay out of trouble, then somebody owns them.

The horses on Sun Bay Beach are part wild. Some will approach you inquisitively and you can touch them, but some you cannot get close to. 

Some visitors to Vieques will buy apples and carrots at one of the local stores in order to provide treats for the horses because, as everyone knows, "horses love apples and carrots". However, the "Wild Horses" of Vieques are totally unfamiliar with these food items and will generally ignore them when they're offered. Mangoes, however, are another story. The climate conditions on Vieques are very good for growing mangoes and when the fruit is in season, the horses will be very persistent in their efforts to locate their favorite fruit.

Some 55% of Vieques (27.8 of 50.8 square miles) is a National Wildlife Refuge and most of it is in a natural state. Many of the horses living deep in the brush are feral and are not used to close human interaction and may be properly considered "Wild Horses".